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TE Homework - math problem by doing so they observe the...

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Chelsea Meyers TE 150 Homework (Definition of learning) 1. (A) Learning is an action in which a person (or animal) gains new knowledge. Learning can happen through direct action or by observation. (B) Learning can occur many different ways, if you were to group them I think it would break down to: Direct action or observation. Direct action could involve touching something hot and learns that it burns. After this direct action you gain the knowledge of “hot”. Another type of direct action would be doing a math problem; by working through the steps you are learning how to solve that problem and others like it. Pretty much a direct action is something you do which leads to the gain of new knowledge. Observational learning is the type of learning you do when you watch a video on how to do something. This type of learning is also used in the classroom, students will observe a teacher doing a
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Unformatted text preview: math problem, by doing so they observe the steps and procedures to get the solution, so when those students see a similar problem they are able to apply the knowledge they gained from watching the teacher. Observational and direct action learning are normally done together to achieve the strongest learning. 2. (A) It is similar to the authors because we both use the idea of experience. It is different than the authors because he talks about effects on behavior, while mine is more knowledge based. Both definitions touch on the fact that something is changed. (B) The authors definition is very solid but I think it should involve something about knowledge not just behavior. Though behavior is often learned, knowledge and the idea of teaching should also be contained in the definition of learning....
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