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TE Homework 11/02/09 Chelsea Meyers 1. Angela is modeling the behavior of her parents, she was held back in the third grade, he parents were not happy about it and have a negative attitude about the situation, So Angela has taken on a negative perspective toward her class and school. Angela is modeling the behavior of her parents because she sees it on a daily basis. 2. Rhea is imitating her mother, because her mother is an alcoholic, she has taken on the role of caretaker in the home; she is imitating other mothers she has seen, on TV, or the mothers of her friends. Rhea takes care of the house, along with her
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Unformatted text preview: mentally disabled older brother. All of these things are activities normally done by a parent, usually a mother. 3. Tyrone displays “learning by observation.” He wants to learn, and knows that he needs to do his work. He tries, but when he gets too hard, or he makes a mistake he takes on the behavior he observers from his classmates, he becomes stubborn, and refuses to work. Even though he knows how to do the work, and he knows he has to fix the problem. He observers Marsha doing the problem correctly, but he does not demonstrated that he is capable of doing the problem on his own....
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