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TE Homework 90609 - “complex” things(i.e Mind puzzles...

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TE Homework 10/6/09 Chelsea Meyers a. Neural plasticity is the ability of the brain to adapt to the environment. Changes are normally  linked to neurons.  a. Anatomical change: the ability of nerve cells connections to change by growing, and expanding. b. Neuochemical: the ability of nerve cells to change activity, by increasing synthesis and release chemicals that transmit nerve impulses. c. Metabolic: changes due to fluctuations in glucose or oxygen in the brain. b. Bad news: When the brain goes through negative experiences it can have negative effect on the how the brain develops and works. Stress is one of the most negative experiences; stress can affect memory, and development. Social isolation can also effect development. c. Good news: Positive experiences can have beneficial effects on the brain. The type of environment you are raised in has a huge effect on development. If there are a lot of
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Unformatted text preview: “complex” things. (i.e. Mind puzzles, games that encourage brain function) The more the brain is challenged and made to work the more the brain grew and formed connections. d. I think that programs like “head start” are very good to have, I also agree that an enriched environment will improve learning/brain development. When the brain is challenged more it is forced to make new connections and activated parts that had not yet been used, more positive/building experiences will lead to more brain development, like seen in the rats study even have more toys in their environment added to the development of their brains. Maybe the programs for infants do not need to be as intense as “head start” but parents can read to their children and give them toys that challenge the mind, like puzzles and matching....
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