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TE Homework 91609 - students list of words that described...

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TE Homework (9/16/09) Chelsea Meyers 1 (a) A concept is a broad idea that contain many smaller subjects. 1 (b) First I would have each student draw a picture of what they thought a bird looked like. Then I would have the students compare their drawings in groups of 4. After comparing their pictures they would get a large piece of paper and the four students would combine all of their picture to make one picture of a bird that they all agreed on. After the pictures would be posted in the front of the room. Next I would have the
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Unformatted text preview: students list of words that described birds, (ex. “wings”, “feathers”, and”flying”) these words would go on the white board. Next I would provide a dictionary definition of a bird and show pictures of many different types of birds. After it seemed the class had a good handle on the topic of what a bird is I would introduce exceptions. (Ex. Penguin) At the end of the lesson questions would be answered....
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