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TE Homework 10/21/09 Chelsea Meyers The A-Not-B model clearly predicts that the error is time dependent. The longer the child has to wait before the reach, the more likely they are to reach for the pre-programmed a location. Researchers make the A-Not-B error come and go by changing the delay, they also made the error come and go by making the reaches on the B trials different then the A trial reaches. This was done my writs weights, changing from sitting to standing. Non-linearities are when smaller changes in one or more components of the dynamic system can lead to reorganization and to large differences in behavior. Janelle studies her Latin vocabulary words; she is experiencing something new by linking these words with English words. This is a good example of neural plasticity, which is the connection that the brain creates when it experiences new things. As Janelle memorizes her Latin vocabulary words she is creating a link only to its English
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Unformatted text preview: meaning. She isn’t creating a deep knowledge; she is only creating a shallow level of knowledge. She knows the translation for the word from Latin to English, but she doesn’t have a deeper understanding of how the words work together, or their relationships. This explains why she struggled so much on her exam. • As Janelle memorizes her vocabulary words, she goes in the same order every time. By doing this she is organizing the words in her mind, this is not a good way to study, because you rember words based on the words that come before and after it. Is this an example of the IP idea of organizing. Organizing can be good and bad, in this case it was bad. • Meshing can be seen in how Janelle decides to study. She recalls how she used to study for her elementary spelling quizzes, and links that method to how she will study for her Latin exam. She is using her past memories to make sense of her new current situation....
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