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cs411-f08-final - NetID CS411 Database Systems Fall 2008...

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NetID: CS411 Database Systems Fall 2008 Department of Computer Science University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Final Examination December 16, 2008 Time Limit: 180 minutes Print your name and NetID below. In addition, print your NetID in the upper right corner of every page. Name: NetID: Including this cover page, this exam booklet contains 16 pages. Check if you have missing pages. The exam is closed book and closed notes. You are allowed to use scratch papers. No calculators or other electronic devices are permitted. Any form of cheating on the examination will result in a zero grade. Please write your solutions in the spaces provided on the exam. You may use the blank areas and backs of the exam pages for scratch work. Please make your answers clear and succinct; you will lose credit for verbose, convo- luted, or confusing answers. Simplicity does count! Each problem has different weight, as listed below– So, plan your time accordingly. You should look through the entire exam before getting started, to plan your strategy. Problem 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Total Points 15 12 10 12 16 12 12 11 100 Score Grader Turn over the page when instructed to do so. Good Luck! 1
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NetID: Problem 1 ( 15 points ) Basics For each of the following statements, indicate whether it is TRUE or FALSE by circling your choice. If you change your mind, cross out both responses and write “True” or “False.” You will get 1 point for each correct answer, 0 point for each incorrect answer. (1) True False When a fixed-length record is updated, it is sometimes necessary to create an overflow block. (2) True False We can only use a sparse index if the data file is sorted by the search key. (3) True False All the used pointers at the leaf nodes of a B-tree point to data records. (4) True False Every block in a B-tree is between half used and completely full. (5) True False In extensible hash tables, overflow blocks are permitted. (6) True False A linear hash table increases the size of its buckets based on the average number of records per bucket. (7) True False The cost of scanning a unclustered relation R is B ( R ) where B ( R ) is the number of blocks holding R . (8) True False When we join two relations with the block-based nested loop join algorithm, the smaller relation should be the outer relation of the algorithm. (9) True False Two-pass hash-based algorithms for binary operations (e.g., join) have a size requirement only on the smaller of two input relations. (10) True False In algebraic laws, the join operation is both commutative and associative. (11) True False Undo logging requires us to keep all modified blocks in buffers until the transaction commits and the log records have been flushed. (12) True False Every serializable schedule is conflict-serializable.
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cs411-f08-final - NetID CS411 Database Systems Fall 2008...

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