MNC Easter Monday - 5. Evaluation of the JVs performance 6....

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DEAR ALL FELLOW SKITTLES, PLEASE SEND ALL YOUR WRITTEN   PARTS (BOTH FOR PARTS ONE AND TWO) AND LABEL IT AS ‘FINAL’   SO I CAN START INTEGRATING IT!! CHEERS, NANCY MEETING TIME FOR REHEATSAL: 15     th     of April Thursday After Class     Place and Promotion, Implementation and time: Jackie Product and Price: Queenie Implementation 1. Negotiate with Mercury regarding the JV 2. When should production being? Setup time for JV as well as JV details 3. Marketing 4. When we start rolling out the product for public sale
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Unformatted text preview: 5. Evaluation of the JVs performance 6. When do we expand? Timeline (KT can you please do a nice professional timeline for us) Now Negotiate JV with Mercury 1 Year Enter into JV with Mercury 1.5 Year Start R&D of product + Start factory construction 2 Year Mass Marketing Campaign Phrase 1 (Pre-sales marketing launch) 3 Year Public sale of car + Mass Marketing Campaign Phrase 2 5 Year Evaluation of JV + Expansion Plans...
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