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BUSI0032 Syllabus 20100 - The University of Hong Kong...

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The University of Hong Kong School of Business BUSI 0032A Multinational Corporations 2nd Semester 2009-10 I. INFORMATION ON INSTRUCTOR Instructor: Dr. Christine Chan Email: [email protected] Office: 729H Meng Wah Complex Phone: 2241-5226 Consultation times: Thursdays 11:00 am-12:00 noon Additional office hours are available by appointment Prerequisite: The prerequisite for this course is BUSI1007 Principles of Management or equivalent. Textbook: The required textbook is Deresky, H., International Management , Upper Saddle River, N.J.: Pearson Prentice-Hall. Lecture notes will be posted on the course’s website before each class. Supplementary readings will be handed out in class. II . COURSE DESCRIPTION AND OBJECTIVES Course Description: This course is designed to broaden students’ understanding of the issues related to the management of multinational corporations. The emphasis is on the global business environment and its impact on multinational corporations’ strategy, structure, and functions. The main objectives are to discuss the political, economic, and cultural environments in which multinational corporations operate; to examine the strategies that multinational corporations adopt to compete in a global market; to identify the structural solutions for maintaining control over foreign operations; and to discuss human resources management in the international context. Course Objectives: To provide a detailed understanding of the theories of international business, multinational corporations’ external and internal environments, and international business strategy 1
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To provide an understanding of the challenges and opportunities that multinational corporations face in a global environment To prepare students for career in the international business field III. LEANING OUTCOMES By the end of the course, students should be able to: CLOS1. explain the international business theories and concepts CLOS2. develop cultural sensitivity to manage cross-cultural employees and develop skills necessary to conduct effective cross-national negotiation CLOS3. explain the complex business opportunities and problems in a global context CLOS4. apply theories and concepts to analyze international management problems and issues; and to formulate and implement international business strategies CLOS5. demonstrate effective communication skills IV. ALIGNMENT OF PROGRAM AND COURSE OUTCOMES Program Learning Outcome Course Learning Outcome (CLOs) 1. Acquisition and internalization of knowledge of major business disciplines CLOS1, CLOS2, CLOS3. CLOS4 2. Application and integration of knowledge CLOS2, CLOS3, CLOS4 3. Inculcating professionalism and leadership CLOS2. CLOS3 4. Developing global outlook CLOS2, CLOS3, CLOS4 5. Mastering communication skills CLOS5 V. TEACHING AND LEARNING ACTIVITIES TLA1. Lectures: Instructor will give lectures on major concepts and issues, and will show video clips to help students better understand the international business issues.
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