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BYD-organization structure - Organization Structure The...

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Unformatted text preview: Organization Structure The purpose for BYD to enter into the U.S. market is to build a global brand so that it will be gradually recognized by customers in various regions especially China. At the current phase, we have no intention to spend too much effort on expanding our organization network into countries outside the North America. However, we feel that the U.S. market is extremely complex and competitive, therefore local expertise and talents in marketing is crucial to the success in the U.S. market. Moreover, we propose to build an assembly line in the U.S., with our core parts (i.e. car battery) built in China and the rest built in our U.S. factory. This will diminish our cost advantage but will be hedged off in our pricing strategy. There is a strong need for localization but only in respect of the marketing strategies because we will not customize our car models to the U.S market. Moreover, it is unlikely that we will shift our R&D centres from Shanghai to the U.S. due to confidentiality of core technologies. Therefore, International Division Structure is most efficient and effective in achieving our short-term goals. The Vice-President works directly under the CEO so that decision making process is shortened. There will be difficulties in coordination between third-tier departments and USA division. However, since the U.S. market is different to China in all four aspects, it is sensible for USA division to set up its own departments to handle its finance, production and especially marketing. Figure [ ] Organization Chart of BYD Co. Ltd. BOD Chairman CEO Finance Production Administration Marketing VP Overseas Operations USA ...
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BYD-organization structure - Organization Structure The...

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