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I NDUSTRIAL AND M ARKET A NALYSIS The Toyota hybrids combined with Lexus reached 1 million hybrids sold in the US by February 2009, and worldwide sales of hybrids by both carmakers reached over 2,016.9 million vehicles by August 2009. As a top seller in the U.S. and Japanese markets, the Toyota Prius reached cumulative sales of 1.6 million Prius sold worldwide in 2009. The Toyota Prius is the top selling hybrid in the U.S. and Japan. The Honda Civic Hybrid is the second most sold hybrid in the U.S. The Ford Escape Hybrid is the top selling hybrid in the U.S. by an American carmaker. Worldwide there were more than 2.5 million hybrid electric vehicles by 2009, led by the United States with 1.6 million units, followed by Japan (more than 640 thousand) and Europe (more than 237 thousand). By December 2009, the top seller in the U.S. was the Toyota Prius, with cumulative sales of 814,173 units, followed by the Honda Civic Hybrid, with 197,177 vehicles, and the Toyota Camry Hybrid, with 154,977 units. The top seller by an American manufacturer is the Ford Escape
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Hybrid, with cumulative sales of 95,285 vehicles by December 2009, followed by the Fusion Hybrid, with sales of 15,554 units in just nine months. Worldwide, Toyota Motor Company is the leader with more than 2 million hybrids sold by August 2009, followed by Honda Motor Co., Ltd with more than 300 thousand hybrids sold by January 2009, and Ford Motor Corporation with more than 122 thousand hybrids sold by December 2009. U.S. MARKET The final tally of hybrid sales for 2009 comes in at 290,272 units—not bad for a year in which auto sales imploded. Hybrid sales were off by 8 percent compared to 2008, while the overall market fell by 21 percent. The total market share of hybrid gas- electric vehicles was 2.8 percent. How did hybrids manage to maintain a decent sales performance in 2009, when they are more expensive than comparable conventional models, and gas prices were modest? The answer is new product introductions, including the Ford Fusion Hybrid, Honda Insight, and Lexus HS250h.
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