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Appendix 6 Phase 1 Year Business Units Mission 1 Quarter Business Development Team Know the industry Find a good partner Build the good team Phase 2 Year Business Units Mission 1 Half Infrastructure Support Establish the production plan 7. Build the production plan at California. Buy and setup the equipments Learn the best practice Perfect our car Marketing Know the market 11. STP, 4Ps and Integrated Marketing Strategy Planning Get known in the market Make an impact in the market Material Procurement Manage the backward supply chain Order the materials Distribution Manage the forward supply chain Book the distribution channels Production Build the car Sales Showcase and corporate strategy Push the cars out Learning Review and Improvement 0. We need to learn always from this oversea expansion, this can imp If Phase 1 is do 9. Share and learn the technology from our business partner
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2 Quarter 3 Quarter 4 Quarter 5. Partnership Built or Contingency Plan
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Formulating business execution strategy 4. Team recruitment and structuring 6. Training, empowerment, and excution 3 4 5 >=6 2 ‐ Half 8. Equipment purchase, setup and user training. 14. Backward Supply Chain Planning and Relationship Development 16. Forward supply chain planning and relationship devleopment 16. Book the distribution channels rove our business practice and make our money spent more worthy. one, we get into US, else we back to China 17. Activate the Assembly Lines 18. Small scale selling and major focus on corporations sales 19. Push to the market 2 1 2. Negotiate joint ventrue with potential players (suggested: Mercury) 10. Refine our car model and increase its performance 12. Execute the marketing plan through low cost strategy like game sponsorship, public relationship management etc. 13. Aggressive marketing campaigns aiming at sales 15. Order Materials plan...
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BYD-ImplementationPland - 3 Formulating business execution...

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