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ERP - CRM(Customer Relationship Management a system which...

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Branches POS Octopus Smart Card CRM MOS Headquarters Oracle ERP EIS HRMS BMS BMS ERP (Enterprise resource planning): an integrated computer-based system which is used to manage Café De Coral’s internal and external resources. ERP is many used to facilitate the firm’s SCM by keeping track of inventory, order entry etc. EIS (Executive Information System): is used to support the information need and decision making needs of Café De Coral’s middle and senior management by providing easy access to both internal and external information relevant to the firm. Café De Coral have applied EIS to three main areas of their operations, namely manufacturing (evaluation of suppliers, analysis of purchasing decisions), marketing (product pricing, new products) and finance (budgeting, evaluate new products). HRMS (Human Resource Management System): mainly to administer the firm’s human resources and deal with payroll, recruitment and performance evaluation.
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Unformatted text preview: CRM (Customer Relationship Management): a system which organises, automate and synchronise the firms customer data for marketing and customer service use with the aim of retaining existing customers, attracting new customers and minimising marketing costs. POS (Point of sale system): is used to manage the sales of Caf de Corals products at the store front by assisting the restaurant possess orders in real time as well as recording sales for future financial purposes such as tax. MOS (Made to order system): used in the restaurants kitchen to speed up processing time, it is integrated with the restaurants POS system through wireless technology. Octopus Smart Card: refers to the ability of Caf De Corals customers to pay for their purchases using octopus card but also the firms exclusive access to the customers details which facilitates their CRM system....
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