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Week 5: Feb 10th Topic: Consequences of pursuing masculinity. Readings: So, A. (2003) Cross Border Families in Hong Kong: The Role of Social Class and Politics. Critical Asian Studies. 35(4):515-534. The modern era has seen a vast increase in people pursuing so-called perfection, both in terms of physical looks as well as behavioural traits. The female gender are now constantly engaging themselves in cosmetics and slimming program to achieve the desired model-like looks while the male gender constantly work out in the gym and act in a certain manner in order to pursue what is known as masculinity. Influences from many areas such as the stereotypical male hero in Hollywood movies to the flirty male lead in TV serie has caused many to wrongly equate masculinity to simply a muscular built
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Unformatted text preview: body and a manly behavior. As a result, many males now willingly or unwillingly attend gym sessions to achieve the stereotypical body figure and go clubbing and bond with mates over a few beers as this is what the general public has now perceive masculinity with. Consequently, the many other virtues of the male gender that is less associated with masculinity has been forgotten or ignored and one such example is a mans care for his family. This is a shame to society as a whole and in some ways, reflects the superficiality and shallowness of the human race in the modern era dominated by technology and the media....
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