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Week 6 - playing on the Eastern beauty belief that a...

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Week 6: Feb 24th Topic: Importing Global Beauty to Hong Kong and China: Aspects of Marketing & Consumption Select two advertisements from a local or Chinese magazine with one featuring a Chinese model and a Western model. What products are they trying to “sell” (Is the product local, regional, globally?) How do the images of Chinese and Western women in these ads compare with those of Frith et al. and Johansson? Given the guest speaker’s experience, what are some of the challenges A random selection of two advertisements featuring a Chinese model and a Western model respectively is enough to reveal some distinct differences between the ways that Chinese and Western models are projected to be perceived as well as the products they are employed to sell. In the first advertisement whereby a Chinese model is used to promote a whitening product named Regenerist, the advertisement is almost focused entirely on the whiteness of the model’s face,
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Unformatted text preview: playing on the Eastern beauty belief that a beautiful woman is one who possesses a white skin colour. On the other hand, the other advertisement which features the Western model is an advertisement for Dove, a chocolate brand. On the contrary to the first advertisement, here, the nicely tanned skin colour of the model is proudly emphasized. Moreover, it can be seen through the two advertisements that the Chinese models adopts a more preservative image as opposed to the Western model in the Dove advertisement who could be regarded as dressing more openly, otherwise known as more sexily. This difference is merely a reflection of the different perspectives and values prevalent in the Eastern and Western culture and similarly, the fact that the Chinese model is modeling for a whitening product again highlights this....
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