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Political Science 140B Instructor: Scott James Outline #4 Presidential Selection: The Presidential Primary Process (I) I. Definitions A. Primary election: 1. A candidate nomination mechanism in which voters, not party leaders, select a party's nominee for the general election a. Voters choose between a set of candidates for the party's nomination by casting ballots in a special statewide election B. Types of primaries: 1. Closed primary 2. Open primary 3. Blanket Primary a. Struck down as unconstitutional in California Democratic Party v. Jones (120 S. Ct. 2402 [2000]) C. The presidential primary system: 1. A sequence of statewide primary elections, in which candidates for a party's presidential nomination compete for control of a majority of delegates to the party's national convention, (where the party nominee is formally chosen) II. Why primaries? A. The ideals of direct democracy 1. participation and accountability by engaged citizenry a. How well are these ideals secured in practice? (1) Have we simply exchanged control of the presidential nomination process by one set of elites (party) for another set
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