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Outline7 - Political Science 140B Outline#7 Instructor...

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Political Science 140B Instructor: Scott James Outline #7 Elements of Presidential Leadership (II): Determinants of Presidential Agenda Success in Congress I. Resources and presidential agenda success A. Internal resources 1. Effective time frame a. The “two-year” presidential term of office 2. Information a. Too little information b. Too much information c. Biased information 3. Political Expertise a. Knowing how the federal government works (1) Lyndon Johnson and Jimmy Carter as contrasts (a) Ronald Reagan as a counter-example 4. Energy a. Physical/emotional burn out of president and staff B. External Resources: Political Capital 1. Counting heads: a. How many votes can the president count on in Congress? (1) Size of presidential party in Congress
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(2) president’s electoral margin (3) presidential public approval rating II. The paradox of presidential policy leadership A. The cycle of decreasing influence and increasing effectiveness 1. Presidents generally lose political capital with time 2.
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