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Political Science 140B Instructor: Scott James Outline #10 Policy Leadership by Other Means #2 Unilateral Sources of Presidential Influence: Signing Statements I. What is a presidential signing statement? A. A presidential message written on the occasion of signing a bill into law 1. A presidential commentary on either the provisions or the goals of a piece of legislation B. Traditional uses of signing statements 1. Expressing policy agreement 2. Expressing policy disagreement or doubts about constitutionality C. Contemporary uses of signing statements 1. To construe the meaning of statutory language or state the president's understanding of congressional intent so as to bring legislative policy into better alignment with presidential goals. 2. Most dramatically, recent presidents have asserted the authority not to be bound by statutory provisions they believe to be unconstitutional. a. The 1984 Competition In Contracting Act as the most dramatic example D. Construing statutory meaning and interpreting congressional intent
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Guiding federal agencies in the administration of the law a. The 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act 2. Guiding Construction of the Law in the Courts a. Presidential Legislative History (1) USCCAN and WestLaw III. Signing statements and Bush Administration policy 1 A. The typical scenario Two stages 1. a. b. Neustadtian “veto bargaining” The signing statement 2. Illustration: Iran-Contra and the Obey Amendment B. Other areas of application 1. The 1990 Amendments to the Clean Air Act and environmental policy 2. Funding for the Superconductor Super Collider and affirmative action Model of Signing Statement Game in Presidency of George Bush the Elder. Democratic Republican Congress * President Liberal 1 3 4 2 Conservative Stage 2 (Bill Passed/Signing Statement) Stage 1 (“Neustadtian” Veto Bargaining) 1 = Congress introduces bill 2 = President reacts (vetoes or threatens veto) 3 = Congress compromises 4 = President signs/issues signing statement...
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Outline_10 - 1. Guiding federal agencies in the...

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