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Political Science 140B Instructor: Scott James Outline #13 Policy Leadership by Other Means: Non-Legislative Sources of Presidential Influence (II) OMB, Central Clearance, and the Administrative Presidency I. The concept of an “administrative presidency” (II) A. Unilateral policy leadership through the politicization of the bureaucracy 1. Centralized oversight of administrative decision making process in White House a. The concept of executive clearance (1) budgeting, program priorities, and administrative rule-making II. The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) A. Functions 1. Budgetary leadership a. Prepare the president's annual budget b. Coordinate fiscal policy 2. Programmatic leadership a. Aid in the development of a presidential agenda b. Assistance in the preparation of presidential veto statements 3. Administrative leadership a. Oversee administrative spending b. Review executive structure and management c. Evaluate federal program performance d. Assist in the preparation of executive orders B. The development of the OMB
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2 1. The Budget and Accounting Act of 1921 and the Bureau of the Budget (BOB) a. Economy and efficiency (1) The BOB as a central clearinghouse for the executive budget (a) Evaluate spending requests to eliminate fraud, duplication and waste (2) President notified of potential spending problems and budgets
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Outline_13 - Political Science 140B Outline #13 Instructor:...

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