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Outline14 - Political Science 140B Outline 14 Instructor...

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Political Science 140B Instructor: Scott James Outline 1 4 THE INSTITUTIONAL BASIS OF "GOING PUBLIC": THE WHITE HOUSE OFFICE OF COMMUNICATIONS I. The institutionalization of the “going public presidency” A. The decreasing returns from bargaining and the need for a permanent communications strategy 1. Individualized Congress 2. Increased media and group scrutiny of congressional action 3. Divided government II. Function of White House Office of Communications A. Manage flow of information out of White House 1. Shape media coverage of presidential administration a. Build presidential approval b. Mobilize public opinion on issue important to president. B. Speech writing, news analysis, media liaison C. The concept of “narrowcasting” (as opposed to “broadcasting”) 1. Transmitting direct (i.e., unfiltered), targeted messages to particular constituencies III. Developing a comprehensive communications strategy A. Long term thematic public relations planning 1. Development and dissemination of administration “themes” a. Selling issues, exploiting character strengths, correcting image problems 1) Jimmy Carter and “getting control”
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