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Political Science 415 Instructor: Scott James Outline #1 5 Some Different Thoughts on Reforming the Presidency I. Building Down the Modem Presidency to Constitutional Proportions A. Theodore Lowi and the Imperial-Plebiscitary Presidency 1. Problem : Presidential Delusions of Grandeur vs. Limited Formal Powers 2. Solution : a Multi-Party System in Presidential Elections a. Diminish the Claim to a Presidential Mandate b. Encourage Congressional Coalition Building by Presidential Candidates II. Building Up Presidential Performance to Match Responsibilities.
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Unformatted text preview: A. The Emergence of a No-Win Presidency? 1. The Changing Environment in Which Presidents Operate a. Divided Government b. Congressional Independence and Complexity c. Public Cynicism B. Starting to win the No-Win Presidency 1. No Amateurs! a. Making National Political Experiences a Prerequisite for the Job 2. Encourage Planning in the Campaign Stage a. Enter Office Prepared to Hit the Ground Running 3. Set Administration Priorities...
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