E303syls10-9 (2) - Spring 2010 9:00-9:50 MWF B1127 Snead...

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Spring, 2010 9:00-9:50 MWF B1127 Snead Hall E303 - MANAGERIAL ECONOMICS Instructor: Douglas Davis Office: Snead Hall, B3147 Telephone: 828-7140 E-MAIL dddavis@vcu.edu Office Hours: (1) 10:00 – 10:50 Monday and Wednesday (2) By Appointment Required Text: Managerial Economics and Business Strategy, by Michael R. Baye 6th Edition. Course Objectives: This course combines economic principles with quantitative tools to address a number of basic problems faced by firms. By the end of this course you should be able to both analytically characterize and quantify important components of a firm's production, cost and pricing decisions. Course Requirements: 1. Exams . There will be two one-hour exams, and a final examination. The final examination is 9 :00 a.m. Wednesday May 12. Exams will consist of multiple choice questions and problems. 2. Homework . Throughout the course of the semester, I will collect and grade a series of homework assignments. Homework is graded for content, on a 10 point scale. You may drop your lowest homework score.
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2 Grading Policy 1. Points . Grade points for exams, homework, and class participation are allocated as follows: Hourly Exam 1 100 points Hourly Exam 2 100 points Homework Assignments 50 points Final Examination 150 points 400 points 2. Grading Scale . ______________________________________________________________________________ A
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E303syls10-9 (2) - Spring 2010 9:00-9:50 MWF B1127 Snead...

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