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Experiment 1 - Experiment 1 Tools For Lab Measurement...

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Experiment 1: Tools For Lab Measurement Taylor MacDonald 9/25/-10/2/2007 Tuesday Section 025 Vikas S. 1
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Introduction: Experiment 1 was done in order to provide practice with the tools and skills needed to successfully complete this lab course. It sets forth the opportunity to acquire the skills to make accurate, reproducible, measurements; make quantitative measurements whenever possible; share data with others in order to see the bigger picture that results from examining many systems rather than just one or two, doing this through use of the MeasureNet system; use computers for data analysis and plotting; and communicate results and interpretations through written lab reports. As well as learning how to use the laboratory tools, the experiment also enables one to see the accuracy, how close the measurement gets to the target value, and precision, how close together the different trials get, that different types of glassware provide when measuring volumes. During this experiment, concepts that were used from the lecture included being able to use significant figures correctly, and apply them to real situations, as well as being able to calculate the volume a variable from mass and density.
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