Experiment 5 - Experiment 5: Taylor MacDonald 10/30/07...

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Experiment 5: Taylor MacDonald 10/30/07 Tuesday Section 025 Vikas S.
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Introduction: This experiment was done to determine the amount of acid or base in an aqueous solution, using an acid-base titration. The titration involved the very careful addition of NaOH using a buret, first to a known acidic solution (KHC 8 H 4 O 4 ) and then to an unknown acidic solution in order to determine the equivalent mass of the unknown acidic solution. We added a few drops of the indicator phenolphthalein to the acidic solutions so that when the equivalence point between the acid and the base was reached the solution would turn a pink color. This was important so that we would know the amount of base used. Without knowing the exact mass of the base we would have no way of figuring out the molarity of the NaOH, which would inhibit us from finding the moles of acid used in the titration of the unknown acid. Each step of the experiment gives us information needed in the next step. In order to correctly carry out the calculations you needed to understand the net ionic equation of the reaction, know how to do stoichiometry, and understand acid-base reactions in general. All these things are applications of our chemistry 101 lecture to the lab. Lab techniques we had to utilize included proper use of a buret and an analytical balance. Experimental Procedure:
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Experiment 5 - Experiment 5: Taylor MacDonald 10/30/07...

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