experiment 22 - Experiment 22 Solubility of a Slightly...

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Experiment 22: Solubility of a Slightly Soluble Electrolyte Taylor MacDonald Partner: Laura Ritchey 5/20/08 Tuesday Group #19 TA: Khoduna
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Introduction The experiment 22 was done to work together with my lab partner in order to determine the solubility of the slightly soluble electrolyte Cu(IO 3 ) 2 , copper (II) iodate, for which the dissolving equilibrium is Cu(IO 3 ) 2 ( s ) => Cu 2+ ( aq ) + 2 IO 3 - ( aq ). This equilibrium can be described by a solubility product constant, K sp , which is calculated from molar concentrations of ions in a saturated solution of Cu(IO 3 ) 2 . We added KI to the solution causing it to reach equilibrium. For each mole of Cu(IO 3 ) 2 that dissolves and reacts with I - , 6 ½ moles of I 3 - are produced: ½ mole from the reaction of one mole of Cu 2+ and six moles from the reaction of two moles of IO 3 - . By determining the amount of I 3 - produced, the quantity of Cu(IO 3 ) 2 originally present in the saturated solution is calculated. To determine these concentrations we used a known volume of the saturated Cu(IO 3 ) 2 solution and performed a titration with Na 2 S 2 O 3 . To tell when all the iodine had been titrated we used starch, since it turns deep blue when in contact with iodine. Since
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experiment 22 - Experiment 22 Solubility of a Slightly...

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