Note 02 - compound interacts with t o get a biological...

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Unformatted text preview: compound interacts with t o get a biological response: t oxic or improve efficiency ut the biological response is different absor ption concentration of alcohol Dose route of administration (oral or injections blood plasma [D-drug] + [P-serum protein] ↔ [DP] kidney (secretion) tissue liver • after secretion, can now measure : time lapse to get to an urine sample, potential to undergo metabolism - the amount of drug on the end, • the central system is how the drug is metabolizing and secreted • drug exiting from the circulation o [DP] - does not exit o [D] - does exit the amount of drug leaving the system depends on the free drug concentration the majority of free drug is metabolized enters the tissues [liver] (rich in drug metabolism enzymes ) • less drug in the t issue free [D] move into it • lim ited metabolism in liver (e.g. main site of metabolism) -- affect the [D] flow to the t issue, it will stay in the plasma drug move in a gradient from high to low concentrat ions drug metabolism in the liver is a mechanism the liver cont rol secretion 2 pathway of secretion • kidney - blood passes through kidney and filtered as urine • liver - move compounds (drugs) from liver to GI t ract o all bile flow come from the liver o drugs in GI t ract change in st ructures • pharmacokinetics (all of the underlining) o anything that can be measured drug in the bile, urine, plasma • pharmacodynam ics o anything that deals with interaction and mechanism...
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Note 02 - compound interacts with t o get a biological...

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