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Note 01 - CHE M 118 Pha rmacology Pha rmacology unified...

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CHEM 118 - Pharmacology Pharmacology - unified study of the properties of chemical agents on living organisms and all aspects of their interactions o the understanding the actions of drugs therapeutic use of drug - xenobiotics - classify as a drug - a chemical compound that is foreign to the body of the living organism o not produced by the body o taken oral or injected through the skin toxin - anything that produces harm to the body o toxicant - anything that causes toxicity 5 principle area of pharmacology 1. pharmacodynamics - the study of what the drug does to the body a. drug system ( in vivo [in a living organism] or in vitro [not in a living organism]) response The system absorbs the drugs Example of mechanism for a response - what cause a response? 1. blood pressure 2. vessel/vascular changes - dilation/constriction 3. hormones 4. heart rate - cardiac output, how hard is it pumping, controlled by tensions
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