English 215 Exam 1 writing assignment

English 215 Exam 1 writing assignment - Alexander Hyatt...

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Alexander Hyatt English 215-016 Dr. Darlin’ Neal October 9, 2007 At first, I was not too enthralled with having to read The Catcher in the Rye. But as I got deeper and more involved with the book, I found Holden Caulfield to be a very interesting character. For one thing, I found that he was very much like me or at least what I used to be, a pretty negative and pessimistic guy that doesn’t want to accept responsibility but also who considers himself a lone wolf. But like I said, I feel that I have changed. That got me thinking, how much did Holden Caulfield’s character change throughout the book? Right now, I am not very sure of this because I feel that he did undergo a fairly significant change as the story goes on but in the final chapter, Holden says, “I mean how do you know what you’re going to do till you do it?”(213). His answer to that is “you don’t”. On the other hand, Holden starts to admit that he misses the “phony” people that he does not have very much contact with anymore. For Holden, that is a huge breakthrough. So, in my opinion, Holden goes through a significant change. I feel that even though he wants to act like the lone wolf, underneath he has changed and he realizes that he enjoys the company of others and that not everyone is a “phony”. Before we can delve into the facts of Holden undergoing a character change, we need to first know why he was the way he was initially. I believe that Holden was very detached from everybody else because he did not want to get hurt. He felt that if he did not invest feelings in anybody else and that if something bad happened to them then he would not be hurt because he did not care about them to begin with. He became this way
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because of his brother Allie. He felt very attached to Allie and sort of looked up to him, even though Allie was his younger brother. When Allie died of leukemia at a young age,
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English 215 Exam 1 writing assignment - Alexander Hyatt...

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