The Roaring Twenties

The Roaring Twenties - 1 Whoom The Great Recession Society...

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Whoom The Great Recession Society advances through the process of trial and error; civilizations rise and fall and this furthers human progress. That is in essence the value of history, that the modern world learns the mistakes of previous generations in the hope that they will not be repeated. However, despite the lessons we learn, history repeats itself. This is our own fault for humanity is flawed, and headstrong youth will often ignore the advice of their elders. Societies will crumble; economies will collapse, and great wars will be fought. Arrogance, ignorance, and a failure to recognize the reoccurring patterns in human behavior are to blame. One can argue that our very purpose on this earth is to advance, to step beyond the errors of our forefathers. In order to achieve this we must not fall victim to their mistakes. Currently the year is 2010, we have stepped beyond the cold war fears of nuclear Armageddon, man is in space, and we have entered a golden age in education. However, the Middle East has fallen to radicalism and a new threat to democracy has risen. On top of the war on terror, the US economy has collapsed. China is in charge of US debt and (at a great expense to their country) can bring 1
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ruin just by asking for their money back. How different is our situation from the US in the early twenties and thirties? We have the left the prosperity and joy of 1980’s and 1990’s and have entered the ‘Great Recession.’ The US has passed National Health Care; critics of the bill agree this could make us or this could break us. If not, we could be plunged deeper into a nigh insurmountable economic crisis. In the face of disaster it stands to reason that we would look to our past for answers. On the brink of disaster, what better place to look for answers than the twenties and thirties? The twenties were a time “before the end of time.” It easy a time to celebrate what we as a species had achieved; before the second Great War. In the political spectrum we had entered on “era of good feelings.” The Great War was over and democracy thrived. There was talk of war being made illegal. Woman had gained the right to vote, which still consider the most monumental
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The Roaring Twenties - 1 Whoom The Great Recession Society...

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