Thirties - 1 No time during this nation's history has an...

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No time during this nation’s history has an event affected American policies so much as The Great Depression. The economic system collapsed, millions went homeless and the word “survival” took on a new meaning. The thirties would usher in a new era of thinking; pre-1930’s generations depended on themselves and their friends in times of trouble. This line of thought would be erased for a great number of people; with the loss of their hard earned dollars— millions would be left to their own devices. The banks had failed, Wall Street had failed, and the people had failed. The citizens of the US rose in outrage and denounced the rich as corrupt. “The bank is something more than men, I tell you. It's the monster. Men made it, but they can't control it.” The Grapes of Wrath With the United States on the brink of dissolving, FDR proposed The New Deal. The New Deal was a series of bills that would help the homeless and create jobs for the economy. The New Deal in conjunction with the upcoming War with the Axis would put the US on the road to recovery. The economic crash of today and of the thirties is very similar in their causes, however there repercussions are drastically different. During the great depression the government had been much smaller and could not take on any heavy amount of debt without failing. The New
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Thirties - 1 No time during this nation's history has an...

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