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Jessica Williams Assignment Letter to a European Philosopher

Jessica Williams Assignment Letter to a European...

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Dear Mr. Jean-Paul Sartre, I have come across your works and views in my recent studies in philosophy in school this semester. I am intrigued by you and your thoughts and would like to take this opportunity to “pick your brain” so to speak. I understand that you are and atheist and therefore believe that God does not exist and have called this abandonment . I too do not believe that some invisible force somewhere in the sky (universe) just became bored one day and “poofed” man here on (to) earth. Nor do I believe that this same invisible force is just “sitting” up there watching every single person on this planet and playing and toying with us (mankind) and our lives daily as if we were puppets. And on the opposite side, I do not believe this invisible force “plans” out every single thing that will happen to use before we are even born. I have always believe that if something does not make sense it usually is not true and well, that just does not make any sense to me at all. You say that as a result of what you have called “abandonment” there are four basic implications on philosophy. First being that because there is no God there is then no creator or “maker” of man. And so, people (mankind) must each make their own way because there is no God that created us with some plan of our lives already mapped out by the day we were born.
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