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Harvard University SSCI E-132 Conspiracy William Henry Anderson Spring 2010 (617) 492-8090 William James Hall 1 [email protected] Mondays 7:35-9:35 PM COURSE OBJECTIVE: Conspiracy is a frequently employed explanation for observed phenomena in the realms of political, economic, and social behavior. This course will examine the psychology underlying this perspective, including the origins, development, and consequences of conspiracies, both real and imagined. Psychobiological, anthropological, and historical approaches will be considered. We will give special attention to study of the psychology of small groups. Students will become familiar with the common features and patterns of hypothetical conspiracies, with the goal that enhanced capacity for critical discernment will be developed. COURSE REQUIREMENTS: 1. Reading Assignments: See Bibliography. 2. Midterm Examination: March 1, 2010. It will cover the first four lectures and the corresponding reading. (One hour) 3. Paper: Undergraduate papers are optional, may be of any length, and may be submitted at any time before the final examination. Graduate credit requires a 15-20 page paper with an extensive bibliography. It is absolutely positively due on or before April 26, 2010. Papers should reflect serious consideration of a real or hypothetical conspiracy. Opinion and argument should be supported by evidence. 4. Final Examination: May 10, 2010. (Two hours). It will cover the whole course, both lectures and readings. Emphasis will be on the second half. 5.
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sscie132 - Harvard University SSCI E-132 Conspiracy William...

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