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ASSIGNMENT 2, cradle to cradle

ASSIGNMENT 2, cradle to cradle - Nick Andriola HISP 200...

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Unformatted text preview: Nick Andriola HISP 200 section 0103 Cradle to cradle and Blue Vinyl In the movie Blue Vinyl, Judith Helfand searches to understand what PVC really is, and discovers that it has killed thousands of people in its production. It has been directly correlated with types of cancer, and a rare form of liver angiosarcoma. In her research, she uncovered many things that the PVC enterprises kept secret from the general public about the harmful effects of pvc. She uncovered that in the early stages of PVC production Europeans discovered the harmful effects of dioxin and vinyl chlorate cause lung, larynx cancer, but they decided to keep this information from the general public and made a secrecy agreement with the United States to keep the information from the public, so they could go on and profit from all the uses of PVC. Thus creating a packet to allow the workers to get sick and to develop cancers, while their bosses knew possibly not entirely the effects of PVC, but knew that there were harmful effects of the...
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