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Nick Andriola HISP200 While taking the quiz, I thought that I would be using a small amount of earths, but when I completed the quiz, I had used approximately 6.25 earths. When I first look at this, I was surprised, and thought that I was way over the average per person. But when I looked into the averages I found out that I am actually average, in fact I am just under average for the world. Then when I looked at the United States averages, I was astounded at how much we consume over the entire world. The United States consumes on average 5 times the amount that we produce, meaning we import three fourths of all products and goods that we use. But now that I think about my life style I can understand why. I do not see myself changing my lifestyle dramatically because I feel that one person cannot make a difference when talking about the world. I could make better economical decisions when I am presented with the decision of recycling or trashing something, or turning off the lights when I leave a room. But I am not going to go crazy and start unplugging
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