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Debate 1 paper - Nick Andriola HISP 200 Debate 1 Pro Rail...

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Nick Andriola HISP 200 Debate 1 Pro Rail vs. Better/more roads What is the Purple line? The purple line is a proposed metro line that traverses the outer skirts of the D.C. area. It is a loop that connects many major metro stops that include our own College Park metro station, New Carrollton, Riverdale, Silver Spring, and ending in Bethesda. New stops would include one on our own campus, stadium-arena, Tacoma-Langley, and Long Branch. These stops would make places such as the Amtrak stop in New Carrollton, getting to Baltimore, and into the D.C. city. If a student was to take Amtrak back to the University back from break, they have two choices, they could take it to New Carrollton, and from their either take the metro or take a taxi. The metro is cheaper, but about 4 times the amount of time because instead of having a direct route from New Carrollton, the rider would have to take the orange line to L’Enfant Plaza and then transfer to the green line for 9 stops to the College Park station, which takes about 45 min to an hour depending on timing of the trains. The Purple line would make that 45 min trip into about a 15 min trip, and would stop on campus instead of having to wait for the bus back to campus from the metro station. In addition, the problem with transit today is that the roads are pack with travelers or commuters. The proposed purple line would connect big job Also the new metro line would be another source of jobs for people in the area, helping the economy in a time in which it is struggling. No one likes to sit in traffic. One of the biggest causes of traffic is construction on the road, because they have to shut down part of the road in order to do the work, creating the bottleneck effect, which is when lanes merge, creating few lanes and congestion. The
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Debate 1 paper - Nick Andriola HISP 200 Debate 1 Pro Rail...

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