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Nick Andriola 9160 Baltimore Ave, College Park MD Key words- sustainability, ecology, cultural landscape, Readings- Conflicting Landscape values, eco footprint quiz, Cradle-to-Cradle. Format: postcards Description: I plan to take 10 different angles of the location. It is a building that is in ruins; basically it’s just the foundation. But surrounding it is a motel, and a hotel across the street. I am going to talk about how the area could be better used to benefit the environment because now all it is doing is taking up space with impervious asphalt and a
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Unformatted text preview: foundation, which could be a runoff field, or an eco-friendly building or business. In addition, there is a dumpster in the middle of the parking lot, which it could be placed in a better position for the parking lot. The ecology of the building and the parking lot is extremely detrimental to the environment because it does not allow for rain and snow to be absorbed by the ground, but run off into the streets and then into the sewers....
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