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assignment 2hisp - Devun Pahwa HISP200-0102 Dr B.D...

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Devun Pahwa HISP200-0102 2/08/10 Dr. B.D. Wortham-Galvin Cradle to Cradle “I was tired of working hard to be less bad. I wanted to be involved in making buildings, even products, with completely positive intentions.” - p 10 In the quote from the reading the author is discussing the difficult conundrum that is how to design something without the creation of the product not be detrimental to the environment and the people’s health. The author inquires this when he is given the opportunity to design a day-care center in Frankfurt, Germany and in New York to design a Holocaust Memorial. I feel like the way he wants to work through this problem and try to satisfy both goals (completing the projects and doing so environmentally/healthily safe) is good, but impossible. What he can do is make the project and try to protect others as much as possible, but accept and realize that he will need to sacrifice somehow. Otherwise the project will become either too expensive to complete or just incomplete. No matter what is done these days there will always be some negative
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assignment 2hisp - Devun Pahwa HISP200-0102 Dr B.D...

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