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Chris Schrump Devun Pahwa Peer Workshop 1. The essay was really descriptive. You did a very good job explaining the experience. It is organized well. 2. The essay does establish exigence by relating the experience to a greater societal issue. The topic appeals to many people. 3. The thesis is, are parents approach towards education and grades just. It is easily identified and is immediately introduced in the essay. The questions tie in with the thesis very well and expand upon the issue. 4. The experience offers good enough details and does question the large issue. There is a pretty good amount of questions. A couple more would help the inquiry. Maybe relating to the psychology more could make the inquiry better.
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Unformatted text preview: 5. The paper flows smoothly. The organization is well thought out. There is a good transition between the experience and the questions. 6. The questions are solid. They are open ended and do relate to the greater issue. The overall topic is unbias as he presents a they say I say theme. 7. The audience is easily and clearly defined. The academic group is clearly child developers and psychologists. The paper does hook the reader in and establishes a common ground. The essay could relate more to the psychology, but it does not weaken the paper at all....
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