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debate2 paper - Devun Pahwa HISP200 Debate 2 Against...

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Devun Pahwa HISP200 4/12/10 Debate 2 Against Disney’s America- Environmental What is Disney’s America? Disney’s America was a proposed amusement park by Disney in Haymarket, Virginia in the early 1990’s. “Disney had always wanted the 19.5 million tourists who annually visit Washington D.C. to also come to "Disney's America," it seemed like this waterfront parcel would have been the ideal place to build their history theme park” (Hill). However, the conceptual theme park would have been created near Civil War battlefields, crushing the seriousness of the place and perhaps causing harm to the historical Civil War possessions. Controversy further arose when anti-Disney’s America activists like the Piedmont Environmental Council and others became involved. Their involvement in the fight against the creation of the theme park because of environment reasons hurt the Disney’s America hopefuls a great amount. The Piedmont Environmental Council wanted to preserve the environment around the historic Civil War battlefields. One way they were going to do this was to purchase over 77,000 acres of open space to bar development (Zenzen). But this was threatened by “Disney's announcement… [Which included] visions of clogged roadways and a snarled interstate appeared in their minds as they heard Disney predict an estimated 30,000 visitors daily (6.3 million annually) to the theme park” (Zenzen). This was a complete nightmare for the Piedmont
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debate2 paper - Devun Pahwa HISP200 Debate 2 Against...

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