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Devun Pahwa HISP200-0102 3/22/10 Dr. B.D. Wortham-Galvin Enacted Environment “Unlike Anglo middle-class suburbanites, who, in effect, pull away from the street, people in East Los Angeles graciously extend their home life toward the street and bring the street’s party, work space, and conversation into the front yard.” - James Rojas pg 282-283 In this quote James Rojas discusses and compares the suburban life and interaction of the Anglo Americans and the Latino Americans. He discusses how the Anglo Americans keep the front yard “impersonal” and do not use the space as an open place because of the lack of privacy that comes part of using the front yard. In this way the Anglo Americans “pull away from the streets” and isolate themselves from their neighbors. So instead of using the front yard, Anglo Americans use the backyard where whatever they do is hidden behind the house and away from the streets. On the other hand, the East Los Angeles Latino American suburbanites use their
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Unformatted text preview: space opposite of the Anglo Americans. Instead of using the backyard as the place to spend their free time, the Latino Americans barely use the backyard and keep that more impersonal. Also, in opposition to the Anglo Americans, the Latino Americans use the front yard as their place and space for social interactions. They keep their front yards open to their neighbors. By doing so, this is what Rojas means when he says they “extend their home life toward the street”. The Latino Americans openly converse among each other, relax, and do other activities in the front yard, which allows involvement of others. This in a sense creates a true community and these relations/interactions are what should be preserved in every neighborhood. Anglo Americans should learn from the lifestyle of the Latino Americans in East Los Angeles....
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