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Devun Pahwa HISP200-0102 2/13/10 Dr. B.D. Wortham-Galvin The Milagro Beanfield War “The thing is, irrigating that field is symbolic, the way I see it. People are bitter over how the lost their land and their water rights. And this sort of act, small as it may seem, could touch off something bigger.” - Pg 42 Bernabe In this quote Sheriff Bernabe Montonya, sees and explains that this blatant and ignorant act against the law is more than just Joe Mondragon and his ego. Joe Mondragon is basically the figurehead of the feelings Milagro has towards Ladd Devine because he is the only one who would not care about the water right laws. The people of Milagro want to act out, but need that one event and one case to spark the flame that the town will use to attack the government for their wrongdoings. So Sheriff Bernabe Montonya is advising in this situation to be very cautious because arresting Joe Mondragon or attacking his bean field can be that catalytic move that will cause a loud uproar from the “ghost town”. He believes someone of his stature cannot instill the
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