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Devun Pahwa HISP200 Respondent 1 Pro Rail I believe that the purple line will be a beneficial addition to the D.C. metropolitan area for many years to come. The proposed purple line will lessen the time it takes for the average commuter from Bethesda to New Carrollton , by fifty percent . New Carrollton is also a stop for Amtrak , which connects Washington D . C . with New York and Boston; with stops in big cities such as Trenton , Philadelphia , and Baltimore . These are destinations for many commuters every day . The purple line also connects four Metro lines , the red line twice , green line , the orange line , and three MARC commuter lines . These lines are the easiest ways to get to many places around the D . C . area . To get to Baltimore to watch an Orioles baseball game , or a Ravens football game , all one has to do is to get on the MARC train and ride it to the end of the line , which is Camden yards . Otherwise , the best method is to drive , but then traffic becomes an issue and accidents .
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  • Spring '10
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  • Washington, D.C., red line, Purple Line, Prince George's County, Maryland, Northeast Corridor, Washington Metro

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