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Name: Devun Pahwa Site: Oakland Hall Construction Site Keywords/concepts: Sustainability, Pollution, Footprint, Reference Readings: Cradle to Cradle Format: Series of Postcards Short Description: With all the construction going by right next door to where I live at Oakland Hall I decided to pick this as my site. These keywords and the reading Cradle to Cradle are relevant because of all the construction. The environmental dangers come from different sources like the actual creation of the building, the trucks and construction vehicles in the area, and such other examples of negative consequences of the making of Oakland Hall. In Cradle to Cradle the
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Unformatted text preview: author discusses about buildings and the environmental problems of building them. The difficult conundrum is how to design something without the creation of the product not being detrimental to the environment and the people’s health. I think the creation of the Oakland Hall is not worth all the destruction to the environment that is involved in the construction. The construction of the Oakland Hall is a major source of pollution, an add-on to the University of Maryland’s footprint and an endangerment to the environment....
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