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1 Commerce 394: Business and Government Barbara Spencer Sections 101, 102 and 103. DEBATES For each section, students will form into 12 teams, with one PRO and one CON team for each of six debates. To form a team, you must write your names and student numbers on a card provided by me. I will issue the required number of cards to match the number of debates and the size of each team. Cards will be available (and teams officially formed) on Monday Sept 21 (class 6) . There will likely be 11 teams with four students and one team with three students. A lottery will be held to allocate debate topics (which have fixed dates) to teams on Mon. Sept. 28 (class 9). Teams are picked sequentially in the lottery. The first team picked can choose a debate topic and the position they want to take (PRO or CON). The teams picked later can choose from the remaining options. In allocating the final two debate topics, consideration may be given to existing heavy commitments (such as exams) that a particular team may have on the remaining dates. Teams must decide their preferences as to topic and side prior to the lottery. If a team is unable to decide quickly, it could lose its turn. Sign on to your allocated debate in Web CT Vista . In the "course contents" tab in Web CT, you will see a box labeled, "Debate Sign-up Sheets". Simply click on the box and then sign in to the team identified by your debate number and side (PRO or CON) that you were allocated during the in-class lottery (see next paragraph). You will likely be able to sign by sometime in the afternoon of Monday Sept 28, after all teams in my three sections have been allocated to debate topics. It would be helpful if you could sign in within two or three days. If you are having a problem, please contact me. As a result of the in-class lottery, your team is assigned a debate number (1 through 6) and a side: PRO which is side A or CON, which is side B. The number of the debate is the same as the debate number on the course outline. For example, Debate 1 is "Ban the use of cell phones. ..". Those arguing in favour of the ban are the PRO side, which gives the team the designation 1A. Those arguing against the ban (the CON side) are team 1B. In addition, web CT will identify the team by section. Thus the teams in sections 101, 102 and 103 on the PRO side of debate 1, "ban the use of cell phones" are designated Teams 101 1A, 102 1A and 103 1A respectively. To reduce confusion, Web CT is set up so that you only see the teams in your section. Thus, those in section 101, will only see teams from section 101. If you are unsure of your team designation, you can check it by going to the description of your debate below. You should be able to see the team members that have already signed in. This provides a check that you are signing in to the right group.
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2 DEBATE RULES AND PROCEDURES Handout . Each team must prepare a handout (maximum two pages) so as to summarize their arguments. The handout should be in point form and needs to be easily readable (at least 11 point
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debate information - Commerce 394 Business and Government...

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