SexualDifferentiation (1)

xxy in klinefelters syndrome all the body cells have

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Unformatted text preview: y cells have 47 instead of 46 chromosomes. An atypical egg with two X chromosomes is fertilized by a Y bearing sperm. Klinefelter's Syndrome In Klinefelter's Syndrome male structures begin to form but do not complete development because of the extra X chromosomes. Males are born with undersized testes and penises. Chromosomal Errors In XXX females development of internal and external reproductive organs is normal. They have a small increased risk of learning disabilities and of menstrual disorders. Egg = 22 (auto.) + XX Sperm = 22 (auto.) + X ___________________ Fert. = 22 (auto.) + XXX (47 chromosomes) Chromosomal Errors Egg = 22 (auto.) + X Sperm = 22 (auto.) + YY ___________________ Fert. = 22 (auto.) + XYY (47 chromosomes) (Super) XYY males develop normal internal and external reproductive organs. They have an unusually masculine appearance (e.g., are exceptionally tall). They also have problems with acne, a furrowed brow, and an increased chance of infertility and learning disabilities. Supermale (XYY) Supermales were thought to be at risk for antisocia...
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