SexualDifferentiation (1)

Boys are reinforced for acting in a masculine manner

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Unformatted text preview: roles by imitating models of our own sex. Do daddies wash dishes? Do mommies fix the plumbing? Symbolic models - characters in movies, cartoons, etc. that we imitate We also learn from watching the media. Cognitive Developmental Theory Infants are "information seekers." They watch, imitate, and try things out A need to understand causes children to want to learn about gender. Children must develop cognitively in order to develop gender roles Cognitive Developmental Theory "Steps" in cognitive gender role development: Gender identity - know whether you are male or female Gender constancy knowing that you will always be male or female Placing people into the categories of male or female Noticing what people in those categories have in common The commonalities are thought to be the gender roles Psychoanalytic Theory Libido - sexual energy Libido cathects (attaches) to different parts of the body: oral > anal > phallic > latency > genital areas Oedipus complex in boys and Electra Complex and penis envy in girls occur in the Phallic stage Identification with the same sex parent is what causes gender role development Oedipus Complex Son is attracted to mother but is afraid that father will find out and punish him Son believes the punishment will be castration and so develops castration anxiety In order to reduce castration anxiety, the son identifies with the father, becoming as much like him as possible Gender role develops from identificatio...
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