SexualDifferentiation (1)

Chromosomal sex there are two types of sex chromosomes

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Unformatted text preview: ere are two types of sex chromosomes: X and Y. Eggs have an X chromosome. Sperm have either an X or Y chromosome. Chromosomal Sex Egg = 22 autosomes + X Sperm = 22 autosomes + X or Y ___________________________________ Fertilization 44 autosomes + XX or XY (46 chromosomes) Chromosomal Combinations XX XY XO XXY XXX XYY Normal Female Normal Male Turner's Syndrome Klinefelter's Syndrome Triple X (Superfemale Syndrome) Supermale Syndrome Chromosomal Errors In Turner's Syndrome all the body cells have 45 instead of 46 chromosomes. An atypical egg without an X chromosome is fertilized by an X bearing sperm. Chromosomal Errors Egg = 22 (auto.) + Sperm = 22 (auto.) + X ___________________ Fertiliz. 44 (auto.) + X (45 chromosomes) Turner's Syndrome females are born with normal looking external reproductive organs but no internal reproductive organs. Chromosomal Errors Egg = 22 (auto.) + XX Sperm = 22 (auto.) + Y ______________________ Fertil. 44 (auto.) + XXY In Klinefelter's Syndrome all the bod...
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