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SexualDifferentiation (1)

Supermale xyy supermales were thought to be at risk

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Unformatted text preview: l/aggressive behavior because of their extra Y and because researchers found a disproportionate number of XYY males in jail for violent crimes compare to their ratio in the general population. Later research indicated other explanations for the large number of XYYs in jail for violent crimes including their distinctive appearance and lower level of intelligence. Gonadal Sex The chromosomes give rise to the gonads. Gonads are the organs that house the future reproductive cells (ovaries and testes). Gonads have bipotential. They have the potential of becoming either the ovaries or the testes. The internal part (medulla) of the undifferentiated gonad becomes the testes. The external part (cortex) of the undifferentiated gonad becomes the ovary. Hormonal Sex Once the gonads have formed they begin to release hormones. Testes release testosterone. Ovaries release estrogen. These hormones help in the development of internal and external organs. Forming Internal Organs Males and females start out with the same undifferentiated organs....
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