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SexualDifferentiation (1)

Punishment will be castration and so develops

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Unformatted text preview: n Electra Complex Anaclitic identification - first love object is the mother Daughter rejects mother as love object because she believes the mother deprived her of a penis Daughter develops penis envy which will result in interest in motherhood roles Daughter adopts father as love object and identifies with mother in order to gain father's love and attention Gender role develops from identification and penis envy Biological Theories Hormones - Some believe that estrogen is responsible for feminine behavior and testosterone is responsible for masculine behavior but there is little support for this. Brain Differentiation - Discussed earlier - Male and female brains develop prenatally as a result of hormone differences and result in gender differences in abilities Sociobiology (Evolutionary Psychology) Def. - the application of evolutionary biology to the social behavior of animals including humans Evolutionary Psychology Two main assumptions: We are driven to pass on our genes Any social behaviors that exist today (e.g., gender roles) do...
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