Lecture 11 - Chapter 11 Adolescence Physical and Cognitive...

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Chapter 11 Adolescence: Physical and Cognitive Development Page 384 The dramatic changes during the adolescent years constitute a growth spurt. During that time they gain height and weight as quickly as they did during infancy. On average boys grow 4 to 5 inches a year and girls average 3 ½ inches in a year. Boys and girls growth spurts begin at different times. Girls begin their growth spurt at around 10. Boys begin their growth spurt around age 12. Page 385 deals with puberty. Puberty is when sexual organs mature and they become able to reproduce themselves. Girls start puberty typically between ages 11 and 12. Boys at around age 13 or 14. The onset of the menstrual cycle in girls is called menarche. Girls who are better nourished and healthier are more apt to start menstruation at an earlier age than girls who are in impoverished environments or experiencing chronic diseases. Compared to the nineteenth century, the onset of the menstrual cycle today beings 3 years earlier. Probably because of the reduction of disease and improved nutrition. Page 386 Primary sex characteristics are associated with the development of organs that directly relates to reproduction such as the start of the menstrual cycle, vaginal changes, and the growth of the penis and scrotum. Secondary sex characteristics are those qualities that aren’t involved with the sex organs directly such as the rounding of hips and breasts in girl’s facial hair, and deepening of the voice in boys. Page 382 Timing of Puberty
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Boys who mature early are REVERED. They tend to be athletic successes. They tend to be more popular and have a more positive self-concept. Girls who mature early may become self-conscious of their bodily differences. Their classmates may ridicule early maturing girls. Their parents may become concerned over her development putting more restrictions on her than she had when she was 8 or 10. Especially if upperclassman are calling their daughter for dates. Most people start adolescence around the age of 12.
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Lecture 11 - Chapter 11 Adolescence Physical and Cognitive...

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