Chapter 12 - Chapter 12 Adolescence / Social and...

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Chapter 12 Adolescence / Social and Personality Teens are very busy! They are dealing with their identities. Their self- concept and self-esteem are further being modified. Just because you know yourself (self-concept) and who you are doesn’t mean you necessarily like who you are which of course is your self-esteem. Girl’s self-esteem is more vulnerable and tends to be lower. Probably because they are more concerned with their physical appearance and social success as well as academic achievement. Boys may also be concerned about these things but tend to be more laid back and casual about them. Most research suggests that identity gels by the age of 18. Depression and Suicide Almost 2/3 of teens say they have experienced feelings “of sadness and hopelessness” at one time or another. 3% of teens will experience MAJOR DEPRESSION -- a full blown psychological disorder where depression is severe and lasts for a long time. Adolescent girls experience more depression than boys. That’s probably true at all ages. It also appears that Native American and African American teens have higher rates of depression. Depression can be caused by biological factors. In other words some people may be genetically predisposed toward depression. Social and environmental factors also play a role in depression. Not having enough support can also set the stage for depression i.e. the student who has few or no friends, no parents who show any interest and being rejected are all associated with teen depression. Girls may experience more depression because they tend to blame themselves. They tend to turn stressful reactions inward which may lead them to feeling helpless and hopeless.
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Boys may handle stress by becoming aggressive or by using drugs and alcohol. Teen Suicides The rate of teen suicide has tripled in the last 30 years. One teen suicide occurs every 90 minutes in this country. Even these numbers may be low. Parents and physicians are reluctant to report a death as suicide. So some suicides may actually be labeled an accident. In fact accidents are the leading cause of teenage death! Suicide is the third most common cause of death in 15 to 24 year old age groups.
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Chapter 12 - Chapter 12 Adolescence / Social and...

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